Turning Mild-Mannered Brands & Achievers into Super Heroes

Your brand is what people say about you when you aren’t in the room.
— Jeff Bezos, Founder, Amazon.com

For Corporate Brands:
Drive Sales With Powerful Engagement

Drive sales with powerful brand engagement strategies. Create long-lasting and more powerful relationship with your ideal clients and customers.

This is what superpower brands like Apple, Tesla do.

Their followers have deep-rooted belief in their brand.

Their brands are so powerful that they can have major product and service problems, without any fiscal disruption.

And it's not about the money they spend on marketing. It's the powerful story they tell, the essence of their brand that gives them this super power. And your brand can too.

For Personal Brands:
Be Fearless, Gain Clarity &  CONTROL Your DESTINY

How much of your career destiny do you really control?

Today, we professionals compete on a global stage.  It's why your personal brand must make a powerful impact and a massive, unique impression.

But where to start? Strengths Finder, or Myers-Briggs and personality tests are great tools. But they don't differentiate you.

You need to create a powerful personal brand, to take ownership of your career and create the life you deserve.

And I'm looking for people like you who want to unleash their super powers for the world. 


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Who is Chris Bartell? 

Others box me in as a brand communications consultant or executive coach. Borrrrrrrriiiiinnnnggggg! I'm a brand energizer! I turn ordinary brands and business professionals into super heroes! (Some have called me "the Professor X of branding" since, like Professor X from X-Men, I help discover and hone your super powers :o)

Branding is not your company's logo or the title on your business card. It's the essence of who your are, your mission & vision, how you engage and what you do. I believe these are the foundation of your super powers. 

Combined, they formulate your unique, engaging, powerful story that, once unleashed, it will inspire others to follow and trust you

Let me help you, your team and your organization align your passion, purpose & super powers to make extraordinary impact today and for years to come!

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What to expect: lots of content focused on my current personal goal: 15 lbs. by February 14th, 2017. Woo hoo!  PLUS inspiration from "Think and Grow Rich."