Doughnuts vs. Desire: Why Goals & Resolutions Fail

Doughnuts vs. Desire: Why Goals & Resolutions Fail

The Month of Resolutions is over. You've now had 31 days to rock your 2017 goals. How goes the battle? Are you one of the 8% of goal-getters who kept your resolution past January 15th? Here's what's working for me...

Think and Grow Rich Principle 1: Desire. The first step toward an abundant life.

Think and Grow Rich Principle 1: Desire. The first step toward an abundant life.

What is it you deeply desire? Freedom? Happiness? More time? A certain level of income to get you there? That's what Principle 1 is all about.

Our Post-Election Choice: to Live in Fear or Have Courage.

For the last 2 years, it seems as though the entire country has been living in FEAR. Fear that the other candidate will win.  Fear that their candidate will lose. Fear they will lose their freedom. 

While that feeling may be real, how real is that feeling? How much power should we give that feeling?  How much have you given in that fear?

Superheroes face their fears.

Look at any superhero and you'll see they have moments of fear. Fear for others, if not themselves. But most often they take just a moment in that fear to decide to be courageous. They don't wallow in it. Their often isn't time in a life or death moment! They believe in themselves and choose to take action.  They choose to act in courage and in love.  They choose to fight for truth, justice and "the American way" (freedom). 

Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear.
— Mark Twain

If you've spent the last 2 years in fear (or the last 36 hours early in absolute despair, fearing the future), it is time to make a choice.  You are the highest of all creation.  And with that came a gift: the ability to choose.  To NOT live in fight, flight or freeze.  To accept the feeling was real, but it was an animalistic reaction.  Now, you have had time to react. And now it is time to accept the feeling and choose the action you will take. Will you continue to fear, or will you choose have faith in yourself, in your own super powers and in the decisions you will make from this day forward.

Fear will F*#$ you up.  It is that simple.  

Become the superhero you were created to be.  Choose courage.  

Quick steps to combat your fears right now

If you are afraid for the future of the country right now, here's what you can do:

  1. Take out your phone
  2. Create a new note.  
  3. Call it "My Fear"
  4. Write out what you are afraid of right now. This will help you define and acknowledge it.
  6. Choose 1-3 things you will do to fight your fear. I may be as simple as choosing gratefulness or love or as actionable as finding a likeminded community who desire change.
  7. Then write: "I will not live in fear. I choose to be courageous!  I am a superhero!"

It may sound cheesy, but I truly believe you can become the superhero you were meant to be starting right now. It's what superheroes do.

All it takes is a deep breath and choosing courage over fear...

I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.
— Nelson Mandela