6 Steps to Make Real Change (and see if my over-40 [email protected]$% can really do it!)

There's nothing like a full length mirror in your hotel room to keep you honest.

Last weekend, I was visiting my client and the wonderful people in Pocatello, Idaho. I had an amazing journey including sunrise at the Grand Tetons and lovely stay at the Hampton Inn which, unlike at home, has a lot of large mirrors in the room. So it's pretty unavoidable to get a good glance at oneself butt naked. Ouch.

And it hit me.  This is not what the "super powers coach" should look like. I've had a "life weight" goal of 170 for years but have been hovering around 185...for years!  Yes, I work out at 4-5 days a week and eat OK (not really!) and I definitely don't count calories. Plus, craft beer in Portland, Oregon is freaking fantastic and my client makes the freaking malt for it!  Gah!  

Enough justification.

I'll be 45 years old 4 months from today.  (Yes, that makes me a Valentines baby. And yes, they did call me "Cupid Chris" in grade school. And yes, I'm all about spreading love!  Can you feel it?)

So now it's go time. It's time to make a decision and declare the goal in public (not just to my bride!) and make it happen. (Pics will come on February 14th, 2017 because I'm just too damned embarrassed to post them now.)  

And the best advice I've heard to kick myself in gear comes from long-time coach and high-performance master Tony Robbins.  And I hope it helps you too:

6 Steps to Make Change a Reality: 

  1. Decide what YOU REALLY WANT and define what's preventing you from getting it right now. You know what's holding you back. You just need to become aware of it. At some level you fear the change. That fear is holding you back. We must develop a clear vision of what we want. Picture yourself as the changed person. Write down who you want to be instead. What, up until now, has prevented you from making this change?  (For me, I really want to be fit for life, to be lighter, faster and be fearless about physical activity with my boys. And I want to be more fit for being on stage for speaking, workshops and theater.)
  2. Get enough leverage on yourself.  Stop "shoulding" and make "not changing" more painful. What happens if you don't change?  We must be so excited, so compelled about the new change that nothing else matters. Link "not changing" to so much pain that there is no option. What am I missing out on? What have I missed out on? (For me, eating and drinking too much is an escape. And when I escape, I just plain miss out. I want to be 100% present, physically and mentally, every moment of every day!)
  3. You must interrupt your old pattern that is holding you back. Your brain must say to itself "I've had it with the old habit. Do something out of the ordinary and unexpected for yourself. Scramble the sensations Make the interrupt totally outrageous. TIP: write down 10 crazy pattern interrupts that might even make you smile or laugh. (For me, it's pretty simple.  Go public! And that's what this blog post, and future updates, are all about!)
  4. Create empowering alternatives. Brainstorm a list of empowering alternatives to the habit. (For me, it boils down to desire. My desire is to motivate and inspire YOU, my readers and clients and friends to decide a long, fit, active life so you too can say "yes" to sharing your super powers with the world!)
  5. Condition the new pattern until it becomes consistent. Tony says, our mind can't tell the difference between what we imagine and what we vividly experience. A crazy thought, but it makes sense when you think about it. Our mind is just a bunch of memories and imagination. 
  6. Test it: Imagine that you have made the change. How does that feel? It should align with your values. Have fun and enjoy the process!

4 Months. 15 Pounds. By Age 45. Piece of cake! (Not yet though!)

Keep me accountable and...