How You Can Change the World

Our country has made it’s choice for the next President of the United States.  No matter which way you voted, if you chose to do so, you still have a chance to change the world.


The "Choose Wisely" scene from Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade

By simply honoring your humanity. What do I mean? By doing the one thing that separates us from the animals: choosing wisely. 

Every moment of every day, we get to chose how we will feed our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves. And whether or not you are blessed to live in a free country like the United States and get to choose your leaders, the choices you make every moment, for yourself or another person, can be more important and make greater impact than voting for the leader of the free world.

For example:

  • How will you treat the opposite side of the political aisle?  Choose love or hate.
  • What media are you filling your brain with? Choose growth or garbage.
  • What is driving your anxiety?  Choose courage or fear. 

In short, it's rethinking our thinking.

Most of us get caught up in the moment. We simply react to the world around us without thinking "why." Millions of Americans were caught up in this election cycle and spent weeks, days, or hours every day agonizing, stressing, feeling frustrated, concerned, posting and posting and posting on social media their opinions and beliefs. (And many have probably lost friends because of it.)

How much time and emotional energy did you spend on the election? If you cut it in half, would it have changed the outcome?

What if you had put that same intentionality, focus and time into your immediate relationships, your growth or a personal project?  Imagine the positive change would you have seen just over the last few months!

I believe we can only become the superheroes we were meant to be when we live with passionate intent and tune-in to our individual desires and passions.  It takes will and effort, yes, but begins simply by creating a new habit: taking a moment to recognize the choice you get to make.  

And that choice can your world.


Watch this for more on how our interactions between one another can change the world: