Doughnuts vs. Desire: Why Goals & Resolutions Fail

The Month of Resolutions is over. You've now had 31 days to rock your 2017 goals. How goes the battle? Are you one of the 8% of goal-getters who kept your resolution past January 15th?

As I'd mentioned in my previous post, I'm testing whether Napoleon Hill's 80-year old success guidebook, Think and Grow Rich, can still empower leaders and personal brands today by deep-diving into 1 of his 13 "success principles" each month. January is the month of Desire. And that, my friends, is truly the #1 element missing from goal-achieving: attaching a deeper "why" to the goal you seek.

Desire or Doughnuts

I've discovered personally, that having a deeper purpose, a yearning for the end result (and being specific about that result) is the reason we fall short. For me, it was to finally hit my goal weight of 170 lbs. In the past, simply wanting that as my life weight, never gave me the fire to achieve it. I'd get down to a college weight of 176, and call it good. What was missing: I needed to light the fire of Desire in my belly instead of filling it with doughnuts!

It really hit me in November while on a business trip where I discovered that full-length hotel mirrors don't lie. I was a [email protected]%$. (Sorry. No pics here. You'll have to follow me on Facebook or Instagram to see the before/after pics that I'll post on my birthday, February 14th. :o) And I realized I had 3 months until my 45th birthday. It was time to do more than set a goal. I needed a deeper "why" because merely wanting the goal had never worked. So I listed the following as my deep Desire:

  1. I must walk my talk. Super heroes are fit and ready for action. And I want to unleash your super powers for your career and life. I need walk the talk of a goal-getter.
  2. I want to be fit to be "on stage" when conducting my Brand Engagement Workshops and working in the theater.
  3. I want to hire my personal stylist friend, Scarlet Chamberlin, to "dress me," buy a new wardrobe and not have any "fat clothes" in my closet. (And I really Desire to be as hip as my friend and fellow brand maestro, Dave Dyer. The guy's got serious class and style!)
Two Weeks and 2.5 Pounds to Go!

Two Weeks and 2.5 Pounds to Go!

And this Desire has been the Fire! As of today, I'm 2.5 pounds away with 2 weeks to go! (And this is despite having walking pneumonia a few weeks back.) And I've kept it simple: Daily cardio and monitor my calories. Pretty basic.

Lastly, I went public with it to hold myself accountable. (You can follow my story on Facebook and Instagram.) It's inspired my followers, many of whom used my Statement of Desire worksheet and started tackling their goals before the new year began.

3 Tips to Light the Desire Fire

  1. Determine your goal and write it down. (People with written goals are 50% more likely to achieve than people without goals.)
  2. Describe and define your "why." Go deep and get specific!
  3. Go public with it. Share your desires with your friends, family, or team. They'll cheer for you!

I hope this inspires you to discover the Desire that will light the fire to achieve your dreams and goals. If you'd like a handy worksheet, you can download my Statement of Desire worksheet here. (No email required.)

Next up for our Think and Grow Rich series: Faith! (And it's not what you think.) You can download the full Think and Grow Rich book and audio book at my blog at and get ongoing inspiration from me at Facebook and Instagram.